How Often Are You Supposed to Wash Your Bra?

Ladies, we all know the sniff test. The casual test of whether a bra is currently fit for purpose or whether it’s truly in its grossest stage and desperately needs a wash. We all have our own little tests and routines, following them like habit because it’s what we’re used to. What you’ll find is different habits for different people due to time constraints, lack of bras to rotate and so many other reasons. Some women habitually wash their bras based on how many days and weeks have passed, others may wash their bras based on how many times they’ve been re-worn. Either way, there’s numerous ways to go about it especially if you’re like me and have 3 – 5 bras being rotated. So which routine are you? Are you a calendar watcher or do you just go with the flow? 

Unfortunately, we have to be on our own case more than we’d like in order to maintain a clean and healthy bra routine. Failing to look after our bras can lead to problems than none of us want to consider. One of the worst results of an unclean bra is the fact that it can lead to acne across the chest as well as the back. If a bra is worn considerately more than it should be, sweat and bacteria can build up in the fabric. Keeping that ecosystem of filth against your body is a recipe for disaster for your body but it can also be a disaster for the bra itself!  This is because sweat can damage the fibres within your bra making them lose shape and diminish the elasticity. Those with sensitive skin will also characteristically re-wear bras to a lesser extent as to not to aggravate rashes and acne.

As mentioned previously, how much you should wash your bra is very much dependent on how often you tend to use it. The more use you get out of a bra, the more you can expect it to gather sweat. This also means we can look at the time of year as well! Obviously, it is hotter in the summer and cooler in the winter, so you should wash more frequently in the summer. You can also consider the type of bra you frequently wear. If you’re more susceptible to wearing sports bras, be aware that they are more likely to absorb sweat and heat and thus they would require being cleaned more frequently than a standard work bra. When looking at the quality also, you should always be aware that the cheaper material is more likely needed to be cleaned as they absorb more dirt. Where we wear our bras and which bras, we choose for which occasion is equally as important. Are we wearing it to work? To the gym? Be aware of how much energy and activity you’re involved in because the more active you are, the more your bra will absorb! The best way we look at it is to think of our bras as being just like our favourite pairs of jeans – treat them both the same.

So now for the tips! Firstly, washing is great and regular washing can help keep their shape. Although, it’s worth knowing the impact of what you’re using to do so. You need to be aware that harsh soap and hot water typically results in a bra lasting for approximately 6 months. A good alternative is Soak as it is less harsh and shouldn’t impact on the quality of the bra too much. If you don’t have Soak available yet (we have it in stock), baby shampoo can work to an extent. Never put bras in a dryer. Use the time you have and make sure there is a long time between wears as this means you get more air out time! Not to mention that rotating bras gives the elastic time to rest.