What are doing for the environment?

At we are constantly striving to be more sustainable. We are committed to doing business responsibly and minimising our environmental impact.

We have always been conscious about the impact we have on the environment, therefore we used cardboard boxes suitable for home recycling.
Recently we have decided this is no longer good enough and have worked hard to source more environmentally friendly packaging. After testing many samples for durability we have finally found an alternative we are happy with. We will still use boxes to protect large shipments, but for smaller orders:

 Introducing our packaging...

Our paper mailers are a "green" alternative to polythene bags which many online retailers still use. They are strong, made from natural kraft paper, which is renewable and can be recycled several times. An added bonus is we will no longer have to use reels of sellotape a week.
They are environmentally friendly and 100% natural.
Our packaging supplier takes their environmental responsibilities seriously, complying with current legislation and are continually striving to improve working practices.

Another issue for us is our tissue paper, which is why we have recently switched our supplier to one with a great sustainability policy! Here are just a few points about it: Where possible they buy from factories that have ISO 14001: 2004. Certificate for Enviro Management. All their imports from overseas are by sea freight, never by air freight. They use DPD Local couriers who operate a ‘Total Zero’ principle, so every delivery is carbon neutral. They switch off lights, computer equipment and printers whenever possible and always at night.

We have also changed our return/order sheet from two pieces of paper to one

How have we already been doing our bit for the planet?

  • All our fashion collections are produced in small quantities on a seasonal basis to minimise waste and prevent textile waste going to landfill.
  • We sell redundant stock from big manufacturers who would otherwise send the stock to landfill. By passing on the dramatically reduced prices for beautiful lingerie to our bargain hunting customers we help them and we help the planet
  • We never send unwanted stock to landfill, all our old lines are donated to charity.
  • We re-purpose all packaging from our suppliers to store stock in our warehouse. Where packaging is not suitable to do so we recycle it.

We hope you like what we're doing and will continue to do so going forward!